"Your gardener is always cheerful and a pleasure to have around."


"I don't know how I could manage without him, always very cheerful in spite of the fact my garden is overgrown."


"My whole family think he is great."

"Your gardener is working wonders on my very overgrown garden, I hope to keep him for a very long time."


"My husband was ill for a long time and your gardener was a real life saver."

"His fortnightly visits really cheer me up, even on my bad days."


"Whatever I ask him to do it will be done."


"My husband is disabled and I have been unwell so your gardener is a real godsend."



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  • All Seasons Garden Service (Thursday, August 02 18 11:09 am BST)

    Reply to Michael Jones:

    Thank you for your feedback. Our charge for the lawn care service is £27 per hour and that includes FREE OF CHARGE top quality materials that we use regularly over repeated visits to remove weeds, fill in bare patches and improve the strength and lushness of your lawn.

    You have had just two visits and we did return, FREE OF CHARGE, after your second visit in response t your complaint to remove some new weeds that had appeared since our visit 2 weeks ago.

    It has been explained that regular visits to maintain the lawn (scarify, overseed, weed and feed) alongside regular watering are an essential part of our lawn care programme.

    We cannot guarantee our lawn care programme as customer watering is outside of our control and regular visits are required - although we still try to satisfy any customer complaints with a free of charge visits, which we did for you.

    It's perfectly naturally for weeds to have grown after two months of no maintenance and as we've explained on the telephone we'd be very happy to return but that would be at a cost to yourself.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback - kind regards Brian Wright.

  • Michael Jones (Wednesday, August 01 18 09:55 am BST)

    had reseeding done couple of months ago now full of weeds. Will not return unless we pay a contract fee. As pensioners cannot afford. Guarantee useless unless you agree to regular visits @ £27 a time. Would not recommend.

  • Steve Grant (Thursday, April 19 18 01:43 pm BST)

    The nicest people to deal with ever and very professional. A delight!

  • Louise Martin (Wednesday, January 10 18 03:01 pm GMT)

    Have been very pleased with your gardening service and my particular gardener was always conscientious, pleasant and hard working. Always did a fantastic job on my garden.

  • Steve Howard (Wednesday, January 10 18 11:20 am GMT)

    Mum, who has memory problems, has really benefited from the very professional help that has been delivered and in such a sympathetic, friendly and cheerful way. Special thanks to Kevin G.

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